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Morris & Fox was founded by Managing Partners Tom Morris and Heather Fox in 2022. It was created with a vision for a firm that is client-focused in practice, where families can find zealous advocates that will guide them through life’s troubles. That is why they focus on the areas of law where the stakes are highest for families: family law, criminal law, and estate planning.

Family Law

At Morris & Fox, our core belief is that nothing is more important in this life than your family. That’s why family law is the core of our firm. Our dedicated partners have experience in every aspect of family law, from a simple divorce to the most complex custody cases. When your family is in crisis, you need dedicated lawyers who have the knowledge and experience to help protect what matters most to you. We’re here to guide your family through whatever issues may come against it.


Helping clients grow their families is by far the best part of practicing law for our attorneys. It is a rare day when everyone walks out of the courthouse with a smile on their face, but on adoption days, we always leave with full hearts and giant smiles. It is our pleasure, joy, and privilege to guide you and yours through the adoption process. 

Alienation of Affection

Maybe someone has interfered in your marriage and you want justice for the pain they’ve put you through. Maybe you’ve been sued yourself by the jealous ex of your new partner. In either case, our attorneys are ready to guide you when you need it most.


Sometimes, despite all your efforts in trial, the Judges just get it wrong. When that happens, you are not without recourse. Depending on your case and circumstances, you may have the right to appeal your case to the North Carolina Court of Appeals, the North Carolina Supreme Court, or even the Supreme Court of the United States. Our attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and drive to keep fighting  your case to the next step. Your timeline to file an appeal or to respond to an appeal is short. Don’t delay, and get in touch with Morris & Fox today to discuss how we can guide you through the appellate process.

Child Custody

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of any parent more than the thought of losing their child. The stakes are never higher than when you are fighting for your kids. While many attorneys claim to handle child custody, you don’t want to trust the fate of those most important to you to someone who will roll over at the first sign of resistance. Morris & Fox attorneys are first and foremost trial attorneys, and the majority of their trials are custody cases. While the best case scenario in any custody case is almost always a negotiated settlement, we understand that sometimes there can be no negotiation and a case needs to be tried. Our vow to every one of our clients is that we will fight for your kids as if they were our own.

Child Support

North Carolina determines child support based on the “income shares” model. How much you will pay, or how much you are entitled to, will depend on determining what the gross monthly income of each party is. When you are in child support court, you need a skilled lawyer from Morris & Fox to ensure that each party’s income is properly determined so everyone is paying their fair share.

Criminal Conversation

While it may be called criminal conversation, it isn’t criminal and it is much more intimate than a conversation. Instead, it’s one of North Carolina’s heart balm actions, allowing someone to sue your spouse’s lover.

Maybe you are the injured spouse, or maybe you had a one-night stand and found out the next morning that person was married. Either way, a criminal conversation lawsuit is nothing you want to handle on your own. Our attorneys have prosecuted and defended criminal conversation suits, and stand ready to guide you through the same.


Whether it be amicable or acrimonious, an absolute divorce is a serious matter. Contact us today to guide you through the process. 


There are many reasons your family might have an interaction with the North Carolina Department of Social Services. No matter what the reason is, a DSS investigation with your family is a serious matter that puts your family at risk. DSS court is a minefield of procedural rules and regulations, and is not something you want to navigate alone. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the DSS labyrinth. We have handled pre-adjudication matters, A/N/D hearings, permanency planning hearings, and even represented a county Department of Social Services before the Court of Appeals. If your family is at risk from a DSS interaction, contact Morris & Fox immediately.

Domestic Violence

When you are victim of domestic violence, you can’t wait around for months to get help. You can’t allow yourself to remain in danger, and you certainly can’t risk the health and safety of your kids. Leaving your abuser can be the hardest, but most important, thing you do. We can help you get a domestic violence protective order, or 50b, that is tailored to your exact needs. 

If you’ve been falsely accused of domestic violence, or if you made a terrible mistake, we can help guide you through it. North Carolina takes the issue of domestic violence extremely seriously. You can lose custody and your guns if a DVPO is entered against you. The first two violations of a 50b are A1 misdemeanors, and the third is a felony. If you get served with a 50b, you need attorneys who take it as seriously as you do. Call Morris & Fox today.

Grandparent Rights

North Carolina’s Grandparent rights laws are an often misunderstood area of law, confused by both lawyers and judges alike. If you’re a Grandparent seeking to ensure you maintain a relationship with your grandkids, you need attorneys who have trial experience on both sides of a Grandparents case. Our attorneys will walk you through exactly what your legal rights are, and will fight to ensure you get as much time with your grandkids as possible. 

If you are a parent in a custody dispute, the last thing you want is a third-party Grandparent claim adding more complications to your case. Our attorneys have handled all types of Grandparents cases, and have the knowledge and experience to guide you through a constantly evolving custody case.

Pre- and Post-nuptial agreements

Proper planning prevents poor results. By far the cheapest way to avoid a long, drawn-out, and expensive divorce is to properly prepare before it becomes an issue. For a pre-nup or post-nup to be enforceable, it must strictly comply with North Carolina law. To properly plan for your future, you want to ensure that your pre- or post-nuptial agreement will protect your assets and rights. At Morris & Fox, we are ready to guide you through the complexities of spousal contracts.

Property Distribution

You’ve worked hard for your property, and you need tenacious attorneys to fight for it as hard as you would. Equitable and Interim distributions are complicated areas of law, with massive repercussions for your rights. If you’re going through a divorce and need to go through the property distribution process, contact Morris & Fox to fight for your property rights.

Separation Agreements

Divorce can be a long, ugly, and messy process, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Almost every issue wrapped up in a divorce suit can be handled through a separation agreement. A properly prepared separation agreement can protect your rights and avoid the need for a long, drawn-out, and expensive court proceeding. The only catch is that the agreement has to be properly drafted. Our experienced family law attorneys are ready to help you protect your rights.

Spousal Support

Alimony and post-separation support can be hotly contested issues under North Carolina law. Unlike child support, there are no guidelines by which the Court determines how much one spouse may pay to the other. You need an advocate that can fight for a fair and just support amount. Our attorneys can help guide you through that complicated process.

Criminal Law

When your freedom is threatened due to criminal charges, you need an experienced, aggressive advocate to fight for you. Our attorneys have represented people with charges ranging from second-degree murder to traffic violations. We have experience in both state and federal criminal courts, and are ready to stand by your side to guide you and your family through the complex criminal justice system.


North Carolina misdemeanors are classified into four categories: the lowest, Class 3, up to the highest, Class A1. When you are charged with a misdemeanor you can face substantial fines and jail time. You need a dedicated and proven criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights. You need to contact a Morris & Fox attorney to guide you through the criminal justice system.


Beyond the substantial prison time and fines, a felony conviction will have long-reaching impacts on your life. From gun rights to job opportunities to voting rights, your life will be dramatically changed if you are a convicted felon. At Morris & Fox, we have defended individuals charged with everything from the simplest Class I felony through the most serious statutory rape offenses. We have handled criminal matters in both state and federal courts, and are ready to defend you in either. When the government is trying to fundamentally alter your future, contact us today to guide you through the criminal court process.

Drug Offenses

Drug offenses can range from minor simple possession charges all the way through drug trafficking charges with mandatory minimum sentences of twenty years. We have successfully negotiated hugely favorable drug charge pleas for our clients resulting in little to no jail time. If you are facing drug charges, call the aggressive criminal defense attorneys at Morris & Fox today.


North Carolina is one of the toughest states in the country when it comes to DWI or DUI charges. With penalties including serious jail time, you cannot risk handling a DWI on your own. Our attorneys have handled everything from the most basic Level Three DWI case to the most serious Aggravated Level One cases which include serious bodily injury. You can count on our experience to help guide you through your own DWI. Contact Morris & Fox today. 

Sex Offenses

It is hard to imagine a crime which is considered more heinous than sex offenses. From lifetime imprisonment to life-long registration on the sex offender registry, the criminal penalites for sex offenses will forever impact your life. Founding Partner Tom Morris has experience prosecuting and defending individuals charged with the most serious sex offenses in state and federal courts, including child pornography production and distribution charges. If you find yourself facing sex offense charges, you cannot delay in seeking a zealous criminal defense attorney. Call Morris & Fox immediately.

Criminal Appeals

The criminal appellate process is multi-layered in North Carolina. Convictions in District Court are eligible for a de novo trial in Superior Court. From there, convictions can be appealed to the North Carolina Court of Appeals, the North Carolina Supreme Court, or even the federal court system and the United States Supreme Court. If you were convicted due to the State not playing fair, ineffective assistance of counsel, or any other reason, contact us today. Your timeline for filing an appeal is short.

Wills and Estate Planning

At Morris & Fox, we truly believe the best time to prepare for your passing is today. When you are preparing for the future, you can’t take any chances. You can’t go back and fix a mistake in your will or power of attorney after you need them. When you are preparing for your future, there are three main documents we think everyone needs; a Last Will & Testament, a General Power of Attorney, and a Healthcare Power of Attorney. Your Last Will & Testament will handle the distribution of your property upon your death, your General Power of Attorney allows someone to act in your stead if you become incompetent, and your Healthcare Power of Attorney allows someone to make medical decisions for you when you can’t make them for yourself. Together, those three documents are the crucial long-term planning documents everyone needs, regardless of their age. Contact us today to ensure your future and legacy is properly protected. 

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