Guiding your family through all life’s troubles.

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Guiding Your Family Through All Life’s Troubles

Morris & Fox is a boutique family and criminal law firm, focusing on guiding your family through all of life’s troubles. Whether it be the end of a marriage, fighting for your children and property, or defending your rights in a criminal prosecution, we are here for you. The attorneys at Morris & Fox are dedicated to providing their clients with top-tier legal representation in all areas of family and criminal law, including divorce, custody, child support, grandparent’s rights, 50b and domestic violence, DWI, misdemeanor charges, drug charges, and serious felony matters. We proudly serve Iredell, Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Union, and Rutherford counties.

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Morris & Fox is a boutique family and criminal law firm, focusing on guiding your family through all of life’s troubles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Going through the legal system can be scary and confusing, leaving you with more questions than answers. We’re here to help guide you through that confusion with some answers to the most common questions we hear.

How soon can I get divorced?

Generally, you can’t get divorced until you have lived separate and apart from your spouse for a full year. Separate and apart means you can’t live under the same roof, and one of you has to intend to never resume the marriage. What it means to live separate and apart is changing, so if you have any questions get in touch with us below to discuss the exact circumstances of your case. 

Should I refuse a breathalyzer test?

North Carolina has a well earned reputation as one of the toughest states in the country for DWIs. While you always have the right to refuse a breathalyzer, NC’s implied consent offense means that your license will be suspended for a full year for refusing, even if not ultimately convicted of the DWI! We hear from clients all the time that they were told to never consent to a breathalyzer, but that isn’t always the best advice in NC. If you’ve been charged with a DWI in NC, you may be facing real jail time, the loss of your license, and heavy fines. The experienced criminal law attorneys at Morris & Fox have defended individuals charged with all levels of DWI in North Carolina, and are ready to fight for you.

How much will I pay in child support?

Child support in NC is determined by the income shares model. The very same worksheet that the court uses to determine how much you’ll pay is available to the public, and you can use that to help determine how much you’ll owe in child support. Even with the worksheet, there are several statutory and case law related reasons to deviate from the worksheet amount. Contact the attorneys at Morris & Fox to discuss those deviations today.

Can dads get primary custody of their kids?

There’s few things scarier to a father than the thought of not seeing their kids anymore just because they’re Dad and not Mom. While North Carolina has come a long way with respect to a father’s rights in custody cases, it can still be an uphill battle. While there is no formal presumption in favor of Mom getting custody, Dads need a skilled attorney who knows how to fight against old prejudices that some Judges have. As a father of four kids, Tom Morris knows exactly how important it is for Dads to ensure they have someone fighting fiercely by their side. Our attorneys have helped countless Dads get custody of their children, and is ready to ensure your rights to parent your own children are protected.

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